ecoPANEL - A Revolutionary New Low Cost Energy Saving Heater

ecoPANEL™ heaters are a fantastic slimline solution for providing efficient room heating at low cost.

Using convection technology, they produce economical "background" heating as well as blending seamlessly into your space with style.

Suitable for both retrofit and new build, comfortably heating rooms of up to 12m², they are ideal for apartments, flats, bungalows, cottages, extensions, loft conversions, small offices, conservatories, caravans and portable offices etc.

Ambe Eco Panel Heater with Thermostat

The Green Comfort Ambe Eco Panel heaters blend seamlessly into your room and are ideal for heating of rooms of up to 10 square metres i.e. apartments , flats ,small bedrooms , loft conversions, bungalows, cottages, small offices, caravans , portable offices.

They offer a slimline solution to providing efficient heat at low cost . Ambe Panel Heaters convection technology produces an economical, background heat.

Easy to install and can be painted the same colour as your wall to blend into the room decor.
£79.99 each
Plus £9.00 carriage per order (not per heater)
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